Main rFunc UDF Library

Link Description
Borland InterBase (IB) Ancestor of all other servers. Only commercial versions except IB 6.0 for all platforms (open source, IPL license) and 4.0 for Linux.
IBPhoenix Firebird (FB) Free and open source. Clone of IB 6.0. For Windows and many Unixes.
Yaffil (YA) Russian optimized clone of FB 1.0. Only for Windows. Only for russian speaking. Commercial and free (Personal) versions. Open source.
Interbase World Very best resource. All about InterBase and related it.
IBPhoenix Many IB-related materials and technical support
MER Systems Supporting of Borland (Inprise) products.
IBExpert Very useful InterBase administrative tool. Supports all version IB/FB.
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